Financial assistance keeps a family afloat.

  Daniel Rotta and his wife, Kim

"Being medically retired from the military left me with a 60% pay cut,” said Daniel Rotta. “The VA had not released me to work, so I needed money to pay my bills on time.”

Daniel Rotta, 35, spent 14 years in the Reserves, and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. His service has ended, but the toll on his body and mind remain.

Rotta suffers from three compressed vertebrae in his neck and lower back, a bad ankle that four surgeries haven’t fixed, anemia, tinnitus and PTSD.

“I’m also having constant body pain despite being heavily medicated,” said Rotta.

Rotta’s wife Kim and their daughter, Natalee, were depending on him to keep the family afloat, and he felt the pressure.

“I called the Vet Crisis Line and was referred to Operation Stand Down. They led me to VFW Unmet Needs,” said Rotta. “The application process was straightforward and easy to follow.”

Rotta was filled with renewed hope when the grant came through for his family.

“It paid my car payment, cell phone, utilities, car insurance, rent, and groceries for a month!” said Rotta. “It’s relieved a ton of stress from always having to be on the phone pleading my case to debtors … begging for more time.”

Rotta is grateful to the VFW and its supporters, and hopes to one day become a VFW Life Member.

“I look forward to replenishing the pool of people dedicated to helping the next generation of military members,” Rotta concluded.

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