The results are in.

In early 2016, the VFW surveyed a select group of VFW members across the nation to gauge opinions on key veterans’ issues. The following represents an executive summary of key questions.

 Do you think the government is taking sufficient steps to implement meaningful reforms at the VA?

Four out of five veterans think the goverment is NOT taking sufficient steps to reform the VA.

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Have you had difficulty receiving a VA appointment within 30 days?

Nearly one in four veterans has had difficulty securing a VA appointment within 30 days.


Do you think the general public understands and fully appreciates the issues veterans face?

Two-thirds of veterans feel the public does not understand the issues they face.


In general, how do you think the medical care provided at VA facilities compares with that provided by private facilities?

Nearly half of veterans feel that VA and Private facilities provide similar care.


Have you ever turned to a VFW Service Officer for help filing a VA claim?

More than one-third of veterans have turned to a VFW Service Officer for help filing a VA claim.




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