Scholarship allows Air Force veteran to seek Master's in Homeland Security.

  Grayson Glass

Grayson Glass was born and raised in Auburn, Calif., a small town at the base of the Sierra Mountains. 

“My dad was an Air Force Firefighter in the '70s,” said Glass, Senior Airman with the U.S. Air Force. “He was my inspiration to join.”

In his more than three years in the Air Force, Glass has deployed to Afghanistan, where he worked in Air Transportation.

Before enlisting, Glass graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Communications, but he wasn’t particularly proud of his studies.

“I was a C student in college because I didn’t care,” said Glass. “I did just enough to get by. The Air Force helped me push through mental barriers I didn’t know were there, instilling in me the discipline to put my best foot forward.” 

It’s that discipline that led Glass to seek his Master’s in Homeland Security from American Military University.

“I care more about my country now and want to continue my career in national defense,” said Glass. “My goal is to graduate by Spring 2016 and become an Officer before my enlistment is up in October 2016. I have looked into private security or even becoming a firefighter like my father.” 

Glass is maintaining a 4.0 in his Master’s program and is planning to renew his contract with the Air Force for another four years of active duty. A VFW “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” is helping make it all possible.

“Words cannot describe how much this scholarship has helped me,” said Glass. “Before this, I had to save and wait to take classes, which made it very stressful to juggle my family, work and school. Now I have more valuable time to spend with my family.”

Glass is also grateful to his loved ones for contributing to his success.

“My wife has always supported me in my endeavors,” said Glass. “She is the glue that holds our family together. And my parents made me the man I am today by teaching me patriotism and hard work.”

Glass’ future is in full focus and he’s learning to take it “one day, one objective and one step at a time.”

“We all have those difficult days, but I have so many people in my corner,” said Glass. “I just have to remind myself that I am never alone on this journey. To all the veterans out there, you are not alone.”

Learn more about the VFW "Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship."

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