Kansas Man Responds to Veterans' Needs

VFW supporter Doyle Davidson

“I want to support our veterans however I can … but I’m just a country boy,” said Doyle Davidson. “So I give to the VFW. They know what to do.”

In addition to making regular donations, Davidson has included the VFW in his estate plans.

“I don’t have a large estate, but I want 10% to go to charity,” said Davidson.

At 80 years old, Davidson has strong connections with the military.

“I met with a recruiter to become a pilot in the Air Force, but they said I have astigmatism,” said Davidson. “It was a big disappointment. The Korean War was winding down and a lot of my friends were being drafted.” 

That spring, Davidson fell in love and got married. By the time the draft board called him for an exam, his wife was pregnant with their first child.

“God just had other plans for me,” said Davidson.

“I really regret not serving my country in some capacity,” said Davidson. “I feel great empathy for the men and women who sacrificed.”

Davidson and his wife went on to have three children: two daughters and a son. He was thrilled when his son joined the Air Force. He served five years as a camera technician on an SR-17. Upon discharge, he used educational credits to become a mechanical engineer—a path that landed him a dream job at Boeing.

“I’m so proud of my kids,” said Davidson. “I brag on them any chance I get.”

The years have been hard on Davidson. His wife died after a 37-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis, and his veteran son succumbed to cancer far too young. But his misfortune inspires him to help others. 

“This is the least I can do,” said Davidson. “Veterans need better health care, retirement and treatment for PTSD. It’s been ignored by our government for far too long.” 

Having spent the last 41 years in real estate, Davidson owns many rental properties of his own. He is proud to rent to several veterans and will always look for ways to lend a hand.

Davidson has come a long way since his youth growing up on a cattle ranch in southern Gove County. 

“Now that I’ve had some success … I’m financially stable,” said Davidson. “I want to share it.”



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