VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Consultant
John Biemesderfer and his wife Angie


After 28 years in the military—10 in the Air Force and 18 in the Tennessee Air National Guard—John Biemesderfer was seeking a smooth transition.

As a Master Sergeant, Biemesderfer had served in the Gulf War, Bulgaria, Kuwait and Operation Enduring Freedom. His jobs included traffic management, logistics readiness and personnel readiness.

“The military is great because you spend every day with a group of people you can count on. They always have your back,” said Biemesderfer.

As Biemesderfer worked on a VA claim with National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative Nick Seat, he realized he could still have that camaraderie.

“Nick Seat knows what it means to be a veterans’ advocate. He told me how rewarding his job is,” said Biemesderfer. “How you meet new veterans every day that you can help.”

Biemesderfer was so inspired that he became a VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Consultant.

“I like listening to what these veterans have to say,” said Biemesderfer. “It’s important to listen closely so I can document the issues correctly. That way exams are more thorough.”

Just a few months into his new career, Biemesderfer is already seeing five to six veterans each day from his office at Fort Campbell.

“The main thing is that we are here to help all veterans file VA claims,” said Biemesderfer. “They don’t have to be VFW members. We never turn away a veteran.”

Biemesderfer is looking forward to what this fulfilling career will bring in the future.

“This is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done,” said Biemesderfer. “Helping veterans is my sole purpose.”

When he’s not working, Biemesderfer stays busy as a loving husband and father of three, ages 24, 19 and 12. He is also a Life Member of VFW Post 11160 in Clarksville, Tenn.



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