No one is immune to the potential pitfalls of filing a claim.

General Bill Phillips, Retired

Bill Phillips, a decorated General from Bell Buckle, Tenn., spent 38 years serving his country—from Field Artillery, to Aviation, to Army Acquisition, to three tours in the Pentagon with the last being as Military Deputy to the Army Acquisition Executive. 

General Phillips’ father and uncle, both WWII veterans, inspired him to serve what he calls “the greatest nation and the best, toughest Army on earth.”

General Phillips served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Honduras and Korea.

When he retired in June 2014, he sought help with his transition. Michael Figlioli, Associate Director, Field Operations, VFW National Veterans Service, was happy to oblige.

“I met Mike at Fort Belvoir,” said General Phillips. “He was incredibly knowledgeable about DOD and VA medical systems. Mike had been through the process as well, so I felt a connection with him.”

During his time in the Army, General Phillips sustained a few injuries … or, as he described them, “wear and tear.”  He had multiple knee and back injuries and several surgeries to correct them. He also suffered a few broken bones. Like most soldiers, it took a toll on his body. 

“He heard about the VFW’s great reputation for assisting with claims and talked to other generals and service members who we’ve helped,” said Figlioli. “Goes to show that even generals aren’t immune to the potential pitfalls of filing a claim.”

Figlioli came straight to General Phillips’ office in the Pentagon.

“Mike was great. He walked me through the whole process,” said General Phillips. “He knew all the requirements and how to fill out all the forms correctly. I expected this to be difficult, but Mike made it easy.”

General Phillips’ claim has been successfully submitted and he’s now undergoing VA medical examinations.

“My experience with the VFW was very positive,” said General Phillips. “With teammates like Mike on point for veterans, turning to the VFW was an easy decision.”

General Phillips was so impressed with the assistance he received from the VFW that he went home that evening and signed on the dotted line to become a Life Member.

“Now that I’m retired, I wanted to join an organization that has a strong reputation and proud history of supporting our soldiers and veterans,” said General Phillips.

When asked what he’s been up to since retirement, General Phillips joked, “Whatever my wife Marilyn wants me to do!”

“After 38 years, we’re taking our time determining what’s next for us. So far the journey has been pretty awesome!”

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