2014 Survey of Veterans

The results are in.

In early 2014, the VFW surveyed a select group of VFW members across the nation to gauge opinions on key veterans' issues. The following represents an executive summary of key questions.

Have you had to wait more than six months to get in to see a general physician or a medical specialist at the VA?

Nine out of 10 veterans report waits of six months or longer to see a physician. Unbelievable … and unacceptable!


Have you waited monthsor even yearsfor the resolution of a VA claim?

Almost three out of four veterans have experienced delays in the resolution of claims.


Do you feel your VA benefits are threatened?

Fewer than one-third of veterans feel confident the benefits they earned are secure.


Do you feel VA healthcare is up to par with the care in private hospitals?

Just over half of veterans feel the care they receive through the VA is up to par with healthcare provided through private hospitals.


Do you think our country fully recognizes and honors the sacrifices of her veterans?

More than four out of five veterans do not feel the country fully recognizes and honors the sacrifices involved with military service.




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