Pennsylvania service officer helps veteran in Germany secure benefits.

VFW Service Officer Linda Eshenbaugh

Perseverance knows no boundaries for VFW Service Officer Linda Eshenbaugh. From her office in Pittsburgh, Pa., she worked tirelessly to help Air Force veteran Jeanine Thompson* complete and file her VA claim through the American Embassy in Germany … and secure a rating that fully honored her sacrifice. The road to success wasn’t an easy one.

“Jeanine was stationed in Germany and having problems making it to the physical exams necessary to complete her claim,” explained Eshenbaugh. “She was suffering from several health problems, including a brain cyst and painful shoulder injuries. I explained to her that the VA will rate you with the information they have and there’s a good chance you’ll get denied if you don’t follow procedure to the letter.”

Eshenbaugh went so far as to check in with the Embassy herself to make sure the exam requests weren’t overlooked. When they finally came in, Jeanine made a point to get to her exams. One year later her rating came.

“I was rated at 80%,” Jeanine shared. “Honestly, I was hoping for a 30% rating and thinking that even 10% would be ok. I can’t thank Linda enough for helping me process my claim and staying on top of it.”

Eshenbaugh says her reward is that a deserving veteran received justice.

“She was relieved to find out someone in the USA could help her,” said Eshenbaugh. “I can only imagine what it must be like to have some of the health problems our veterans face and not have anywhere to turn.”

Eshenbaugh also points out that personal service is business as usual for VFW Service Officers.

“VFW Service Officers have a policy of always returning a veteran’s call,” she explained. “It helps relieve some of their stress and concern, and veterans appreciate the time we take to explain what’s going on.”

When a claim is successfully resolved, Eshenbaugh says grateful veterans have offered her dinners at expensive restaurants or even wanted to give her some of their award. She always says the same thing in reply: “There’s no need for them to feel obligated. They earned the support of the VFW by serving our country.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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