Contact your elected officials about critical veterans' issues.


Legislators have travelled back home to meet face-to-face with their constituents, and will not return to Capitol Hill until September 9. That means now is the perfect time for VFW advocates to reach out to members of Congress and Senators to discuss critical issues facing the military and veterans’ communities.

Be an advocate. Contact Congress through the VFW Action Corps.

Once Congress returns, the VFW will make a full-court press to advance veterans’ initiatives like securing critical funding for the military, passing in-state tuition for student-veterans, securing advance appropriations for all VA funding, improving sexual assault prevention policies within the military and access to treatment for victims, protecting military quality-of-life programs in the National Defense Authorization Act and working to expand veterans’ caregiver benefits.

VFW Commander-in-Chief Bill Thien said Congress’ failure to reach a Defense budget agreement has forced the Pentagon to actively plan to power down our military in size, capability and scope. Thien then called on the VFW’s 1.9 million members and advocates to demand that Congress work to pass a responsible Defense budget this fall. Read Thien’s full statement.

For more than a century, the VFW has played a significant role in virtually every quality-of-life legislation for service members, veterans and their families. The VFW has also helped defeat bad legislation that would reduce or eliminate those hard-earned programs, which is why our sustained voice in Washington is only as strong as the voice of VFW members and veterans’ advocates around the country.

Without grassroots action in communities from coast to coast, accomplishments like the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Agent Orange presumptions, veterans’ hiring preference, survivor benefits, advance healthcare appropriations and Family Caregiver benefits would not have been possible.

If you don't know where to begin, the VFW offers a variety of tools to help you reach out to your elected officials and discuss many of the most pressing national issues facing our service members, veterans and their loved ones.

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