2013 Survey of Veterans

The results are in.

In early 2013, the VFW surveyed a select group of VFW members across the nation to gauge opinions on key veterans' issues. The following represents an executive summary of key questions.

Were you aware the government is considering serious cuts to benefits that affect military and veterans?

More than two thirds of respondents said yes. 


Will you be contacting your Congressional representatives to remind them that we cannot balance the national budget by cutting benefits for veterans and military members?

Three out of four say they will.


Waves of troops have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you believe the government is fully ready to care for them?

Nearly all of the respondents felt the answer was no.


What do you see as the most serious health issue facing newly disabled veterans?

More than half consider PTSD/Mental Health to be the most serious issue.


Do you think the general public understands and fully appreciates the issues veterans face?

Overwhelmingly, respondents said no.


More than two million veterans have filed claims with the Veterans Administration and have yet to receive word on the outcome. Do you think the VA should be forced to increase efficiency?

The majority of respondents felt that the VA should be compelled to improve the process.


Have you ever turned to a VFW service officer for help with filing a VA claim?

Nearly a third have received assistance through the VFW.


If yes, was your claim resolved to your satisfaction?

The majority were happy with the outcome.


Did you vote in the recent Presidential election?

Nine out of ten respondents voted.




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