Veteran dedicated to helping injured comrades.

 Michael Churchill

With 13 years in the Army Reserves, Staff Sgt. Michael Churchill deployed to Iraq twice. He then spent three years working as cadre at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Fort Stewart.

“I helped wounded soldiers make the transition back to the military or back to civilian life,” said Churchill. “In those three years, I met every type of injured soldier. So many of them needed further help with VA claims. I saw a need and wanted to help.”

These days, Churchill, 31, works for the VFW as a National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative at Fort Stewart in Georgia.

Recently, Churchill came to the aid of a veteran who was unable to work due to severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“A while back, he filed for Individual Unemployability and was denied,” said Churchill. “I told him I’d help and got going on the paperwork.”

Not only was the man’s claim granted, he received retroactive benefits of around $34,000!

In 2012, Churchill completed 528 VA claims and spoke to more than 2,000 separating service members at briefings, explaining how the VFW could help them.

Churchill is a humble man, but the difference he’s made in the lives of these veterans is immeasurable.

“My goal every day is just to help as many soldiers as I can. It’s all in a day’s work,” Churchill concluded.

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