Leading veterans' service organizations join forces on critical issues.


No matter where you land on the political spectrum, every patriotic American can agree on at least one thing: veterans deserve justice. Regardless of who holds office as the United States Commander-in-Chief, VFW’s commitment rests with the interests of veterans.

“We remain committed to holding legislators to the promises made to our defenders when they put on the uniform and enter battle,” said Ray Kelley, Director, VFW National Legislative Service. “Holding our leaders accountable requires the diligence of the American voting public.

“Staying informed is key,” he said. “Get to know who your congressional representatives are—especially those who are newly elected—and monitor their voting records. Be vocal about veterans’ issues and let your leaders know they’re critical to you and your family.”

Critical veterans issues are front and center each year when VFW and other leading veterans’ service organizations join forces to draft the Independent Budget. A comprehensive budget and analysis guide for the Department of Veterans of Affairs, the Independent Budget outlines challenges veterans face with specific recommendations.

The full report will be released in early 2013, but the critical issues were recently released:

  • Protection of the VA healthcare and benefits systems in a time of fiscal restraint
  • Successfully completing reform of the VA benefits claims-processing system
  • Transition, employment and education for today's veterans
  • The continuing challenge of caring for war veterans
  • Maintaining VA's critical infrastructure

Read more about the critical issues.

“This document is indispensible to those in committees on Veterans Affairs,” explained Kelley. “It’s more than a critique. It provides tangible suggestions for improvements that will help this nation’s veterans.”



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