There is still work to be done.

Raymond Kelley, Director, VFW National Legislative Service

That’s the message Ray Kelley, VFW National Legislative Service Director, wants the 112th Congress to hear loud and clear moving into fall.

 “A lot of hard work has gone into initiatives that will positively affect veterans, military personnel and their families,” he said. “Congress needs to take the final steps to make them a reality before the end of the year.”

According to Kelley, the outstanding issues fall into three main priority areas: passing legislation, providing oversight and applying necessary pressure.

Key among the VFW’s priorities is ensuring Congress:

  • Passes legislation to avoid across-the-board budget cuts to the Defense budget and VA’s administrative accounts.
  • Ensures effective roll-out of the Veterans Benefit Management System
  • Compels the VA to provide a full and clear explanation of disability rating decisions
  • Halts increases in TRICARE fees and co-pays

In all, VFW is pushing for the passage of more than 20 pieces of legislation. Visit vfwonthehill.org in late September for a detailed list. 

VFW legislative committee members and top leadership will come together in Washington, D.C. September 10-13, 2012, for the National Fall Legislative Conference.

“The goal is to bring our voices together to compel action now,” Kelley said. “Hill visits are a powerful way to remind Congress that veterans’ issues can’t be put on a backburner, even in the midst of a heated election season.”

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