Post 9934 honors the fallen in California.


Post 9934 Commander Joe Snyder—a retired Marine Corps Colonel who served for 25 years—was a helicopter pilot with Marine Aircraft Group 39 in Vietnam. His loyalty to that unit has never faltered.

Three years ago, Snyder’s Post “adopted” the unit, which consists of over 5,000 Marines. Since then, they’ve helped support the unit in many ways: troop support events, emergency financial assistance, fundraisers and care packages, to name a few.

In their most recent effort, Post 9934 hosted a Memorial Day event for the unit and also invited the public. More than 700 people attended the ceremony, which was held at Pines Park in Dana Point, California—a beautiful venue that overlooks the ocean.

“Memorial Day is our opportunity to showcase America,” said Snyder, “and the significance of what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately, we’ve lost a number of members of our adopted unit in Iraq and Afghanistan. This was also our tribute to them.”

The ceremony featured guest speaker Lt. Col. Tres Smith, a ritual Color Guard, a remembrance of casualties, a gun salute and playing of Taps.

“We must always remember our war dead,” said Snyder, “as well as those who just never made it home.”

At one point in the ceremony, former POW/MIAs were asked to stand and be recognized.

“The whole thing was very moving,” said Snyder. “Everyone watched intently. Some cried.”

This is the fourth year that Post 9934 has held their signature Memorial Day event. It’s just one of the things that makes this Post so remarkable.

“Post 9934 is one of the best Posts around,” said Carla Darnell, Coordinator, M.A.P. and Adopt-a-Unit, VFW National Headquarters. “Their ability to engage the public and their strong relationship with Marine Aircraft Group 39 are proof of that.”

Snyder, who was named All American Post Commander this year, is proud of his Post and excited to continue the relationship with Marine Aircraft Group 39.

“My guys are always willing to put in the time. We will never stop working for these veterans and their families. We’re the Post that never sleeps,” Snyder concluded.



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