VFW highlights the importance of treating PTSD and other mental conditions of veterans of all generations.


“Over the course of the last decade, we have fought two horrific wars and worked to prepare VA to care for the men and women in need when they return home. We have been assured that those who have sought mental health counseling were being properly treated,” explained Shane Barker, VFW Senior Legislative Associate.

According to Barker, recent revelations call that commitment into question.

VFW has learned, through the VA Office of Inspector General, that only half of veterans new to VA were receiving their first treatment within the VA deadline of two weeks … while VA was reporting that number at a staggering 95%.

In other words, VA has been leaving half of our veterans in need behind, with no access to mental health treatment for weeks on end. In fact, the average wait-time for veterans new to VA to receive mental health treatment is 50 days.

The VA has offered platitudes and vague assurances that the delays and the other problems with providing mental health support will be resolved. However, ensuring that those words turn into positive action will take a concerted effort by VFW members and patriotic supporters.

“We’re working hard to ensure VA resolves this tragic dereliction of duty by advocating for proper screening and treatment of veterans at every level,” Barker concluded.



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