Fundraising webpages allow grassroots supporters to collect donations for VFW programs.

1st Lt. Christopher Valacer (far right)  

One of the first participants in VFW’s new “UNITED FOR VETERANS” Campaign was 1st Lt. Christopher Valacer.

“As an Officer in the United States Army, I have seen firsthand some of the problems that soldiers experience both while overseas and stateside,” said Valacer. “I feel a sense of duty to help my brothers and sisters who struggle after serving honorably. One team, one fight.”

The campaign was launched to help focus such grassroots support, not only to meet the rising demand of new veterans back from the wars in the Middle East, but also to help struggling veterans of all generations.

VFW is challenging Americans to help raise $50,000 by Independence Day in support of VFW programs that serve veterans, especially the severely wounded. Supporters can now create a personal fundraising page to spread the word and collect donations through an easy-to-use website.

“VFW programs are in record demand. We want to say ‘yes’ to every single veteran who turns to us for assistance,” said Allen “Gunner” Kent, VFW Adjutant General. “The funds raised through ‘United For Veterans’ are absolutely critical right now.”

Valacer is just one of more than 600 patriots who have created pages and are already raising awareness and donations for VFW.

Another is Staff Sgt. Alejandro Briceno, who said, “I think it’s important that soldiers take care of their own and I am doing this for that very reason.”

Joe Gambino got involved to help remedy a much larger problem. “My brothers in arms need help,” said Gambino. “In my opinion, our government is not stepping up quickly enough to help our true American heroes.”

Each of these men are going above and beyond for VFW, and their efforts are paying off. As some of the top fundraisers, they shared a few helpful tips for other participants:

  1. Make the first donation on your page to show that you, too, are committed.
  2. When someone donates, post their contribution and a thank you message to Facebook.
  3. Ask your friends to spread the word to their networks.
  4. Be consistent with your efforts.
  5. Read up on current veterans’ issues so you can better pitch your cause.

Click here for more information or to start your own fundraising page.



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