It could be George Lisicki calling.


George Lisicki has been a veteran advocate for more than 40 years now, beginning shortly after he returned home from service in Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star, among other honors. His staying power is also reflected in the fact that he has lived in the same New Jersey town all his life. 

Service to veterans and our military is a family calling for the Lisickis. Two brothers also served—one in Germany during the Cold War and George’s oldest brother in Korea. And George’s wife, Gloria, has been Ladies Auxiliary Post President 13 times!

It’s no wonder, then, that when the VFW asked members to help by making phone calls to thank supporters like you, George Lisicki was tapped for the assignment. “Nothing makes me happier than talking and meeting with VFW donors. I can tell them from first-hand experience how their support is making a real difference,” says George. 

In addition to thanking donors, George is available to help donors create their own personal legacy by making a bequest, a gift of retirement plan savings or other estate gifts to the VFW. As he says, “Gloria and I have a son, two daughters and three granddaughters. When I think about them and the next generation of young men and women who will serve our country, I am motivated to make sure the VFW’s supporters know how important they are to us, not just now, but for the future.” 

To reach out to George, please contact him at plannedgiving@vfw.org or call our Planned Giving Office at (816) 968-1119.



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