Because our commitment to these veterans is only beginning ...

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Last month, the U.S. officially withdrew all of its troops from Iraq, ending the eight-year conflict where more than 1.5 million Americans served. This January, our nation must recommit to meeting the needs of the men and women who served on the battlefield—particularly the thousands of brave American veterans slated to enter the job market as the military draws down its ranks.

We’ve already seen daunting unemployment numbers among those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now that the colors have been cased from Iraq, the VFW knows that more veterans will be entering the civilian economy. To ensure that veterans have the economic opportunities they deserve, the VFW is tackling three major issues to ensure our newest generation of veterans can compete in a cut-throat job market.

  1. VFW helped to pass the landmark VOW to Hire Heroes Act, and we will now monitor the implementation of its major provisions, such as mandatory transition assistance training, increased leverage for local veterans' employment counselors, and new tax credits for wounded warriors and unemployed veterans.
  2. VFW is working with Congress to close loopholes in USERRA policy, like the reemployment rights exemption for the Transportation Security Administration, ensuring that service members and veterans are protected against discrimination and termination as a result of their military service obligations.
  3. VFW is working with Congress and leaders in higher education to ensure that student-veterans have access to the quality educational opportunities they were promised, holding benefits administrators and academic institutions accountable for their services.

Now that our troops are coming home, our nation’s commitment to our veterans is only beginning. Call your congressional representatives and senators today and tell them they must demonstrate their commitment to those who have fought our nation’s wars over the last decade by ensuring our veterans have quality economic opportunities when they return from the battlefield.
To follow the work of the VFW on Capitol Hill, log on to www.vfwonthehill.org.



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