Let the clipping begin!


Coupons are everywhere these days, and the clipping craze extends far beyond the U.S. borders. Post 3438 in West Carrollton, Ohio, is collecting coupons to support the Storck Barracks Community military base in Germany. The Post adopted this base last July through the Overseas Coupon Program.

The Overseas Coupon Program assists people who want to forward manufacturer's coupons to overseas military bases.  These bundles of coupons are placed on tables at the PX and Commissary or handed out for use by military members and families on base. The coupons help the families save valuable dollars and stretch their budgets.

“Our Post members clip manufacturer coupons out of circulars, newspapers and magazines. We always try to stay current to allow extra time needed for the volunteers to sort them and for distribution at the processing center at the base,” said Pat Poeppelmeier of Post 3438’s Ladies Auxiliary. 

These VFW and Auxiliary members send a box of coupons once a month. It usually costs less than $11 to ship, and they’ve shipped boxes containing as much as $12,000 in total savings. Shipping is the only cost for this program.

“We have had great support and enthusiasm from our Post members and friends of the Post. This is an excellent opportunity for Post participation by everyone, while supporting our military and their families,” said Poeppelmeier.

Many overseas military families live on a single income since spouses are rarely able to work in foreign countries, so coupons are a welcome commodity.

Poeppelmeier says the base supports the program. “We received an email from our adopted base volunteers, and they provided us with their web address and Facebook page. These provide us with information and insight into the base.”



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