Bonds of Caring


Remember the great World War II posters that encouraged you to “Buy Bonds for America?” Those were Series E bonds—the start of a national volunteer effort to encourage Americans to invest in the “Defense Bonds” or later the “War Bonds.” Hollywood entertainers, business executives, newspaper publishers—they all joined together to encourage patriotism and support our nation as a legacy for generations to come.

The Series E bonds were replaced with the EE bonds in 1980. If you have Series EE or H bonds, then you know their benefits. But did you know your children and grandchildren won’t be able to inherit those same benefits?

The Series EE savings bonds are not taxed in your lifetime—but your loved ones will discover that some surprising taxes apply when they inherit them. Not only will they owe the income tax when they cash the bonds, they may also have to pay estate taxes on the full value of the bond. In the end, they could receive only a fraction of the value of the bonds you so carefully invested.

But there’s a wonderful solution.

Because VFW is a nonprofit organization, we are tax exempt. If you bequeath your bonds to VFW, we will receive the full value of your generosity, and the programs that matter most to you will be supported by your philanthropy. You’ll be ensuring VFW can reach out to future generations of veterans.

For more information about leaving a legacy for veterans, please request our free booklet, Smart Tax, Financial & Gift Planning, by contacting VFW's Planned Giving Office at plannedgiving@vfw.org or 816-968-1119.



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