Here are four documents everyone should have in case of illness, injury or death:


1. An Advance Medical Directive
This document outlines what kind of care you want to have if you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself.

2.  A Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney
A healthcare power of attorney appoints someone to consider your medical circumstances and make health care decisions for you according to your wishes.

3. A Durable Financial Power of Attorney
A financial power of attorney appoints someone to make financial decisions for you until your death.

4. A Will
A will directs the distribution of your assets after your death. The will should indicate that this document is your final word on what happens to your estate, and it must be signed in the presence of two adults who have no potential conflict of interest. A will is the place to make your wishes for charitable bequests known. To include the VFW as a beneficiary of your will, please use the following language:

“Veterans of Foreign Wars (Tax ID 44-0474290), a nonprofit corporation with its principle office at 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64111.”

Once you have these documents, be sure to keep them in a safe place and advise loved ones of their location. Then you can rest easy knowing you'll be prepared ... just in case.



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