VFW helps a young veteran secure the VA benefits he desperately needs


“I was in college studying criminal justice when 9/11 happened,” said Credo Amouzouvik from Clarksville, Tenn. “That was when I learned that freedom is not free and decided to stand up and fight.”

With that, Amouzouvik left school to join the military. Since making that courageous choice, Amouzouvik has never stopped paying the price for freedom.

Amouzouvik served in Iraq for five years, beginning in 2004. In 2005, an IED went off, forcing Amouzouvik’s vehicle off the road and into a crater. Amouzouvik suffered a severe head injury and broken neck.

“I needed a neck fusion, but the doctors were afraid I wouldn’t survive the surgery,” said Amouzouvik. “I just kept thinking of all the things I still wanted to do. I knew I had to pull through.”

And pull through he did. Little did he know that fighting for his own survival was just the beginning of a long battle—a battle intensified by severe pain in his knees, neck and back and chronic PTSD.

“I lost range of motion in my neck and was unable to work. I knew I would need VA benefits to stay on track, I just didn’t know what to do … where to begin,” said Amouzouvik.

That’s when Amouzouvik met VFW National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative Nick Seat. Seat was there every step of the way to make sure justice was served.

The battle for benefits started out slow. Amouzouvik was rated 70% disabled upon first review, but Seat kept fighting. And in 2010, Amouzouvik was rated 100% disabled and awarded full aid and attendance as well as retroactive pay.

“Nick worked his heart out,” said Amouzouvik. “There are no words to describe how grateful I am to this man.”

Amouzouvik hopes that other veterans in need will get in touch with VFW.

“I want everyone to know what Nick did for me,” said Amouzouvik. “I want them to know what the VFW can do for the thousands of other veterans in my situation.”



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