VFW's Director of Communications to report from Afghanistan


The VFW hasn’t forgotten we’re still a nation at war. While the wars in the Middle East may not be the top story on the major news networks, America’s military is always the top priority for the VFW. That’s why Jerry Newberry, VFW’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs, will travel to Afghanistan in May to join our troops on the ground for a firsthand look at the ongoing situation in the Middle East. This will be Newberry’s fourth trip to the area for the VFW.

"Getting the story directly and firsthand from those actually fighting the war is but one more example of how the VFW lives up to its mission of supporting our troops. We have many obligations owed to those who are serving in harm's way, and informing the American public as to the service and sacrifice of our service members fighting in Afghanistan is an important component of fulfilling one of those obligations. I'm extremely proud to be a part of that," says Newberry.

He will bring a perspective people won’t find anywhere else as he travels alongside combat troops for approximately three weeks. Newberry will be briefed by top military officials, and he’ll gather information to remedy the discrepancy between the information the American public is receiving at home and what is actually happening on the ground. He’ll seek to answer the tough questions: What does it feel like from their side and is it working?

Newberry will also provide an inside look at what the troops are accomplishing in Afghanistan. He’ll shed new details on the heroic fighting and the endless hours of work our troops and the people of Afghanistan are engaged in every single day. His reports will update the public on how the training and civic rebuilding, that will allow our troops to return home, is progressing.

Newberry’s trip will uncover the real issues our troops face in this tumultuous region and put the VFW in a stronger position to protect and fight for America’s heroes!

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