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Wondering whether you’ve appropriately planned your retirement?  Review this checklist to make sure your retirement plan is on the right track.

Make a note of each of the retirement planning steps that you have completed or are in the process of doing.  Any step not on the list is a smart retirement planing step you should consider:

o       Review your retirement account and determine the best payout options.

o       Evaluate health insurance options and estimate potential health care costs.

o       Research long-term care insurance.

o       Review Social Security records for accuracy.

o       Talk with your tax advisor about required minimum distributions from your
         retirement accounts.

o       Confirm and/or update beneficiary information.

o       Appoint a health care proxy and designate a power of attorney to handle legal, medical or financial affairs if you are unable.

o       Incorporate your charitable goals into your retirement plan and consider making the VFW one of your beneficiaries.

To talk about how to incorporate a gift to the VFW in your planning, please call Monica Levy at (816) 968-1119 or email her at plannedgiving@vfw.org.



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