"Veterans make the best employees."

If you meet Navy veteran Ted Daywalt, those will probably be the first words you hear from him. Daywalt is the CEO & President of VetJobs.com, the leading military-related job board on the Internet.

In 1999, a Sergeant Major called Daywalt as he had paid $5,000 in desperation to a job placement firm. Months went by, and nothing came of it, not even an interview and the Sergeant Major was trying to get his money back.

“I was semi-retired at the time, and I thought ‘this has to stop,’ ” Daywalt said. “We did some research, and the gap was even more pronounced than I first thought. Not long after, VetJobs was born.”

Daywalt’s life’s work is now helping veterans find work, a mission he doesn’t take lightly.

“Right now, the unemployment crisis is hitting our military members hard. I want everyone to know that companies are hiring, and veterans are a terrific choice,” Daywalt said.

Daywalt passionately believes that today’s military is the most highly trained, technically capable, ethnically diverse and teamwork oriented work force in the world.

“VetJobs isn’t just for military members—it’s for their spouses and children as well,” Daywalt quickly added.

He is especially concerned about the National Guard members and Reservists.

“Repeated deployments have wreaked havoc on their work lives,” he said. “That’s where VetJobs can help. Nearly 20% of people who visit find a job using our site.”

Veterans like Bill Heine can attest to that success rate …

“I am a retired Army CWO3 who decided on a job switch following 8 1/2 years in the private sector. I posted my resume with you and within a month was contacted by a major defense contractor. I accepted an offer for a substantial position with that organization,” Heine said.

Daywalt encourages veterans to not only review the jobs posted, but also take advantage of the Employment Assistance section which offers career advice and everything one needs when looking for a job

VetJobs.com is sponsored—and co-owned—by the VFW. The site reaches the 11.8 million military veterans currently in the work force, as well as the 190,000 plus active duty military personnel who transition each year, the 200,000 plus members of the National Guard and Reserve who rotate back to America each year and their family members.



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