Post 9327 reaches out to OIF/OEF veterans

Cross of Malta

With more OIF/OEF veterans returning home in recent months, VFW Posts around the country are opening their doors to them.

Many Post-9/11 veterans are turning to veteran service organizations like the VFW for guidance and support to navigate the civilian minefield. It’s a long and tough road for many veterans returning home from war and transitioning into the civilian environment; no one knows this better than members of the VFW, which is why VFW Posts are such a great resource for these young veterans.

One VFW post in particular, Post 9327 of Santee, Calif., has opened its arms to OIF/OEF veterans. Post 9327 has an aura about it, a lively energy; it’s the energy of the “younger guys.” As one Iraq veteran stated, “The place has a sense of camaraderie and friendliness that welcomes veterans of all ages, not one which excludes them.”
Santee Post Commander Terry Poe and Senior Vice Mike Ensign have helped to create this welcoming environment.

“We want the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. This is their Post as much as it is for past generations,” says Poe.

 It’s not so much the Post’s events or the canteen that brings out the “younger guys” but the advice, experience and camaraderie that the veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and The Gulf War have to offer to the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Post 9327 started its affiliation with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans when it welcomed the Student Veteran Organization of Grossmont College to hold its meetings at the Post beginning in January 2009.

 “The relationship between the Student Veteran Organization has worked out great,” says Poe.

Membership is up at the Santee Post, camaraderie is better than ever and the place has an eclectic environment. “Other Posts should follow the example of what we are doing here. It’s the way of the future for the VFW,” says Post member, Paul Crary.

With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan ongoing, more and more veterans are returning home looking for guidance, answers and support. The VFW Posts are in the best position to welcome these returning veterans with their availability, locations and, best of all, their experiences.

VFW members are the ear to listen, the shoulder to cry on, the reliable friend to a comrade in need and a community organizer. That is why, regardless of age, occupation, race, gender or war, the VFW is, and will continue to be, the premiere veteran service organization of our great nation.



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