When other organizations couldn't help a reservist, VFW stepped in.

When an administrative error delayed his paycheck, Sgt. Bruce Eggleston worried that his family of six would be forced out of their home.

Following 15 years of active duty, Eggleston has spent the last year as a reservist. He quickly learned that many organizations just don’t help reservists.

"I wasn't expecting this strain on my family," said Eggleston. "I wasn't sure what we were going to do."

That’s when an office clerk told Eggleston about the VFW Unmet Needs™ program.

“It made me believe there are people who care for reservists and their families in need,” said Eggleston. “When others turned their backs, VFW was here for us.”

The grant helped pay for Eggleston’s rent, truck payment and utilities. It even included a Walmart gift card, which Eggleston used to buy baby supplies for his 5-month-old, Noah.

“VFW kept my wife and four children in our home,” said Eggleston. “For that, they will always have my gratitude and respect. I’m looking forward to joining VFW.”



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