Tech. Sgt. LaShawnda Woods calls husband in Texas

For 33-year-old Tech. Sgt. LaShawnda Woods from Waco, Texas, time spent talking to loved ones is just too rare to be taken for granted.

“My husband and I have been married for nine years. He recently returned from deployment, and I went to combat skills training three weeks later,” said Woods. “I’ve missed out on spending the summer with him and enjoying the weather and outdoors.”

To stay grounded during her long deployment, now her fourth, Woods tries to call her parents, Earl and Janice, at least once a week. When issues with her phone card left her out of reach this Independence Day, VFW was there with a “Free Call Day.”

“I had not talked to my parents for almost two weeks!” said Woods. “It was so great to check in with them and catch up on things.”

Woods is grateful to all who donate to VFW.

“It proves there are many thoughtful and considerate people out there who remember others who are away from family on holidays,” said Woods. “I am genuinely thankful for this program.”

Woods’ appreciation has called her to action.

“I had never considered joining VFW, but I will now, since I can personally say that VFW is contributing to the morale of service members,” Woods concluded.



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