VFW helps a military wife with a throbbing toothache

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Military wife Jennifer Hafer from Vass, N.C., tried to ignore a throbbing pain in her mouth as she cared for her five children between ages 1 and 9. But it wouldn’t let up.

Jennifer was in desperate need of a dental procedure that the Army’s dental plan did not cover.

Jennifer’s husband, Staff Sgt. Sterling Hafer, has spent the last 19 years serving in the military. He was terribly worried about his wife and how the family would cover the procedure.

“I heard about the VFW Unmet Needs grant through a representative at the Fort Bragg Soldier & Family Assistance Center,” said Hafer. “The process went smoothly. I just applied and talked to a member of the VFW office.”

The grant came through just as Hafer had hoped, paying $900 toward the dental work and an extra $500 in Wal-Mart gift cards to help the family get on track.

“My wife could barely get through the day with the piercing headaches. She couldn’t even eat certain foods,” Hafer continued. “Now that she is free of pain, her mood has improved and she is able to spend more time with the children.”

To anyone thinking of supporting VFW, Hafer offers words of encouragement. “It’s a great organization that supports service members and their families.”



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