As a 20-year Air Force member and military wife, Cheryl Scaglione has grown to appreciate those little connections.

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“A simple call home can make all the difference in the world when a soldier or airman is having a bad day,” said Cheryl S. Scaglione, a 20-year Air Force member. “It sends a powerful message that we are not forgotten.”

As a lifetime member of Post 9545 in New Lenox, Ill., Scaglione knows firsthand that a little help for service members goes a long way.

“My husband Dion worries about me a lot,” said Scaglione. “It gives me such a good feeling to call and tell him I’m okay and that I love him very much.”

And that’s just what Scaglione did on Independence Day, and again in August, thanks to VFW Operation Uplink.

“There are so many things I miss about Dion,” said Scaglione. “Joking around … doing yoga together … or just going on a run. Not seeing him is very difficult.”

Thanks to Operation Uplink, Scaglione can stay connected with Dion while she’s stationed in Afghanistan.

“I can’t wait to go home, meet my new puppy, Gunny, and go out for a hamburger and fries with my husband,” said Scaglione. “What can I say—it’s the simple things.”

Until then, Scaglione will take advantage of every VFW “Free Call Day” she can, because staying connected is the best way for her to maintain morale.

To those who’ve donated to VFW, Scaglione offers kind words of gratitude.

“I am always impressed by, and extremely grateful for, the generosity, support and kindness of the American people,” Scaglione concluded.



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