Ladies Auxiliary member sets example for military wives and widows

Veteran's Spouse Honored

For the past 8 years, VFW Post 3442 in Custer, S.D., has honored veterans with its annual Veterans’ Appreciation Day. This year, the event was expanded. It now honors not only veterans, but also their spouses.

The first spouse to receive the award was Ladies Auxiliary life member, Lynne Gray Kline, who has spent her whole life connected to the military.

"Some children are born with silver spoons in their mouths,” said Kline. “I was born with a military I.D. card in mine and a passport in the diaper bag!”

Kline’s father, Colonel Hampton Gray, completed a highly-decorated 30-year career in the Army, serving in both Vietnam and Korea. Kline’s first husband, Captain Phillip Jacobs, was killed in action in Vietnam in 1970 and her current husband, Roger Kline, is a 36-year Navy veteran.

"I remember feeling so lonely, especially as a young bride,” said Kline. “Then I remembered my mom and all the other women who went through it before me and it gave me strength.”

Kline is proud of her spouses and hopes that young military wives will find strength in her story.

"I have seen and done wonderful things,” said Kline. “I have had tremendous hardships and losses and I am a stronger person today. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Commander Burke was proud to include spouses in the festivities.

“The award Lynne received is a small but meaningful token that tells all our veterans’ wives that we appreciate their service, too,” said Burke.



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