Post 8320 brings soldiers a little taste of home cookin'

Home Cooking

The Medical Command unit at Fort McCoy/Volk Field processes military personnel before deployment. As soldiers entered their facilities day in and day out, they noticed a growing trend. More and more were bringing personal items to cook while at the camp, opting to exchange military dining for a little taste of home.

Col. Kenneth K. Lee wanted to help them in their culinary efforts so he turned to his VFW Post 8320 in Brookfield, Wis.

“We wanted to purchase kitchen and grilling equipment for the troops,” said Bill Backes, Post 8320 Quartermaster. “We were happy to do so, since the Veterans of Foreign Wars is in the business of ensuring veterans are taken care of whenever and wherever.”

The Post requested a grant from VFW Military Assistance Program to cover the cooking supplies. Items included a grill and small refrigerator, among other amenities.

On March 7, Post 8320 delivered the equipment during a Soldier Readiness/Check weekend.

“Smiles were abundant … they were extremely happy!” described Backes. “They immediately invited our Post to attend the first official cookout on the first weekend in April.”

“It really helped morale,” said one soldier who attended. “Everyone got a good lunch, and we were able to eat together without going off base.”

The equipment will benefit many service members at Fort McCoy/Volk Field. Not only will troops passing through have access to the equipment to cook up some tastes of home, the members of MEDCO unit and other units at the base can grill up some great meals as well.

Post 8320 has since adopted the MEDCO unit and is eager to support them down the line.

“We are always willing to do whatever we can to ensure veterans are looked after,” said Backes. “If we can bring a little home-based feeling to this situation, the results are priceless.”



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