To honor the sacrifice of his fallen stepson, Frank Graw found his true calling ...

Frank Graw

Frank Graw has lived a life of service. At only 20 years old, he joined the Army. After more than two decades, he retired from the military and entered the financial planning industry.

“It was working out fine,” he described. “But then, my stepson—William Joseph Beardsley—was killed in Iraq in 2007. When that happened, something changed in me. I needed to make a move.”

Graw took a job with the Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs as a service officer. Then fortuitously, Graw, a VFW Life Member, read about a new VFW job opening at Fort Stewart, Ga., near his home. Graw interviewed and was offered the position of National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative. Fort Stewart is the newest VFW Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) location, and Graw has been there since day one.

“I feel so honored to serve in this capacity,” Graw said. “To be able to help these veterans at such a pivotal time means everything.”

Graw holds informational sessions to describe the benefits process to separating service members and their families.

He also meets personally with more than 50 men and women a week to prepare individual claims.

“They invite this knowledge, and they need it,” continued Graw. “I want them to know that they may develop pain later as a direct result of their injuries like gunshot wounds or IED blasts. They need to know they deserve compensation and how to get it, either now or down the road.”



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