VFW Service Officer works day and night for veterans in Southeast California

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For VFW Service Officer Scott Langhoff, a day’s work isn’t finished until he’s tucked into bed.

“I’m notorious for taking my work home,” said Langhoff. “In my opinion, true service officers are only off work when they’re sleeping.”

With over 547,000 veteran households in Southeastern California, it’s no wonder Langhoff is putting in overtime.

“In the last year alone, I helped 1,800 veterans claim $21.2 million in benefits,” said Langhoff. “My office as a whole gathered a total of $81 million in the same 12-month period.”

The largest amount awarded to one of Langhoff’s clients was more than $316,000.

“I caught word of an ex-Marine who suffered from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) caused by his service,” said Langhoff. “He had been denied by the VA many years ago, so I called him right away. When he told me he didn’t drive, I asked for his address. If he couldn’t come to me, I would go to him.”

Once the paperwork was submitted, the claim was awarded, and retroactive compensation was awarded.

These numbers are impressive, but numbers didn’t do it for Langhoff. He wanted to make a more far-reaching difference. He wanted to spread the word about benefits to all veterans.

In the summer of 2008, Langhoff was approached by Wiley Publishing Co. to review a proposed “Veterans Benefits for Dummies” book, which was released this past spring.

“It’s all about getting the word out,” said Langhoff. “This book allowed me to give valuable advice to veterans and families across the country.”

With the success of the book, Langhoff became the go-to guy.

“When someone has a problem they come to me, trusting that I will send them in the right direction,” said Langhoff. “I work hard to hold up my end.”

In June 2009, Langhoff asked fellow veteran Jimmy Valentine, former Producer of the Roger Hedgecock Show on KOGO AM 600 Radio, what it would take to start a talk-radio show aimed at veterans.

Langhoff is now broadcasting with co-host Valentine on the show, which also came to be named “Veterans Benefits for Dummies” on wsRadio.com under the “Military Network” tab.

“I want to help as many veterans as I possibly can,” Langhoff concluded. “There is nothing more powerful than knowledge.”



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