When deployment separated a military mom from her three small children, VFW was there to bridge the gap.

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Five short months ago, Petty Officer 2nd Class Jeaniel Image woke up early to cook breakfast for her three children—just one of the little things that she has grown to miss since arriving in Kuwait.

“Deployments are difficult for everyone,” said Image. “It’s hard to leave your world. It can make you feel left out and disconnected.”

After seven years in the Navy, Image is no stranger to these feelings. She’s already missed her 2-year-old’s birthday party and her 5-year-old’s first day of school.

“No mother wants to miss her children’s milestones,” said Image. “It’s just part of the sacrifice I made to serve my country. I was and I am fully aware of what my enlistment into the Armed Forces entails.”

Before she deployed, Image was worried about disconnecting from her family. Since VFW Operation Uplink™ has provided Image with free phone time, there’s no need to worry. Now she dials in for some of those precious moments at home.

“It amazes me that total strangers are out there thinking of me and my family and taking the time to show their appreciation,” said Image. “It just proves that my service is not in vain.”

Image looks forward to coming home, cooking pancakes, reading bedtime stories, supervising bath-time and showering her husband and children with hugs and kisses. Until then, she will do her best to stay in touch.

“To those of you who have donated to Operation Uplink, thank you stranger, friend and patriot for remembering those of us who sacrifice to ensure freedom,” Image concluded.



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