An only child from Arizona calls home to Mom

Kama Mountz

For Spc. Kama Mountz, homecoming plans are simple.

“I can’t wait to put on my favorite pair of jeans, curl up on the couch next to my mom with the cat in my lap, enjoy a home-cooked meal and the pleasantries of home.”

Mountz is currently deployed to Iraq where she works in battlefield forensics on a Weapons Intelligence Team in Baghdad. While deployed and hard at work, she misses the comfort of her home in Phoenix, Ariz.

“Sometimes I’m in a very rural place where communication is scarce, work hours are long and a lot of crazy things are going on around me,” said Mountz. “Being able to call someone I care about is very calming.”

That’s why Mountz is grateful to VFW Operation Uplink™ for bringing her a little piece of home. With the free call time, Mountz was able to call her mother and check on her favorite cat, Kittay, who is 19 years old.

“My mother and I are best friends,” said Mountz. “Since I am an only child, of course, she worries about me over here.”

To those who donate to the VFW, Mountz is forever grateful.

“In a time when war is not the most popular plate on the table, knowing that people out there support what I do and why I do it is very important,” said Mountz.

When she returns from Iraq, Mountz plans to become a member of VFW.

“There’s a VFW 10 minutes from my house,” said Mountz. “I look forward to going there and meeting my fellow veterans.”



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