Firefighter David Castera was deployed overseas when a fire destroyed his home. Fortunately VFW was there to help.

Castera Family

The morning of April 17 was terrifying for Jennifer Castera and her children. They awoke in alarm to a blaze that was destroying their home in McRae, Ark.

“I was in shock at first. I just couldn’t believe this was happening, and the worst part was my husband, who is a firefighter himself, was over 6,000 miles away and couldn’t help at all,” explained Castera. “Thankfully, no one was hurt.”

Jennifer’s husband is Spc. David Castera of the Arkansas National Guard. While he fought for freedom in Iraq, faulty wiring ignited a fire this soldier couldn’t fight.

“I was about to call him to tell him about the fire, but he ended up calling me first. He wanted to see if I received the roses he had ordered the day before.”

The family lost nearly everything. Only David’s guns—gifts from his late father—were saved. However, Jennifer and her children would need more to sustain them through this ordeal.

“I learned about VFW Unmet Needs from VFW Post 7769, Beebe, Ark. I was amazed that VFW took such good care of their veterans. It was a lifesaver!”

The Castera family received $1,000 in gift cards, which they used to restore some of what they lost.

“Most of us Army wives have so many things going on. When emergencies arise, we’re so overwhelmed that sometimes we need a little extra help.

“Everyone has helped us get through this, and I know we’re going to be just fine.”



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