When a final paycheck doesn't come through, VFW offers emergency help.

“I joined the military because I was going through a divorce and I wanted to give my kids stability,” said Pvt. 2nd Class Debra Jackson, a 17-year military member.

Jackson’s stability came to a screeching halt when she was medically retired from the Army in 2010. Suffering from PTSD, this mother of three from Stuart, Fla., worried about keeping a roof over her head and putting food on her table.

“I had to move off the military post and the Army messed up my last paycheck,” said Jackson. “I had no money for my rent, no food in my house and no gas in my car. I fought for the Land of the Free, but I felt so trapped.”

To make matters worse, Jackson hoped to receive her VA rating in time, but it just didn’t happen. Her retirement check wouldn’t come through for two whole months!

Following the recommendation of a social worker at the VA hospital in Temple, Texas, Jackson applied for a VFW Unmet Needs grant. The grant covered Jackson’s rent and bought her some valuable time to get back on her feet.

To all those thinking of supporting VFW, Jackson offered words of encouragement.

“Donate your money, because it really does have a positive impact on someone’s life. Pay it forward, because you may just find yourself in need one day,” said Jackson.

It’s because of this support that Jackson hopes to one day join the VFW. “Thanks for your assistance, and may God continue to bless your compassionate heart,” Jackson concluded.



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